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GM Electric Vehicles Will Be Able to Power Your Home During A Blackout

General Motors (GM) is expanding its bidirectional charging technology to enable electric vehicles (EVs) to serve as backup power sources during blackouts. While power outages are certainly undesirable, the unfortunate reality is that they have become increasingly frequent. According to Climate Central, there has been a 64% increase in power outages since the early 2000s. Additionally, weather-related outages have surged by approximately 78% from 2011-2021 compared to the previous decade.

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General Motors (GM) is taking strides to harness the full potential of electric vehicles (EVs) by enabling them to serve as more than just transportation devices. In a recent announcement, GM shared its plans to expand the range of EV models to facilitate vehicle-to-home power transfer during blackouts.

While initially only mentioning this capability for the Silverado EV RST pickup, GM has now extended it to other popular models like the Chevy Equinox, Chevy Blazer, and Cadillac Lyriq. This move demonstrates GM’s commitment to integrating vehicle-to-home power functionality across its retail Ultium-based electric vehicle portfolio by 2026.

In addition to the GMC Hummer EV and Chevy Bolt, General Motors (GM) has more electric vehicle (EV) models in the pipeline that are yet to be announced. GM plans to integrate these upcoming vehicles into its vehicle-to-home technology and Ultium platform in due course.

To enable an EV to provide power to a home, specific equipment is necessary. This includes a bidirectional charger capable of both sending and receiving power, a bidirectional inverter for converting DC power from the car’s batteries into AC power, and a microgrid interconnection device. These components work together, allowing the EV to supply electricity to the home during blackouts or when backup power is needed.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric pickup also offers vehicle-to-home capability, while Nissan’s Leaf can provide vehicle-to-grid capabilities when paired with Fermata Energy’s technology. Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 or Ioniq 6 can power appliances using a specialized connector.

While the luxury model Cadillac Escalade IQ supports powering homes, it comes at a higher cost. Consequently, it is crucial for GM to ensure that more affordable EV models within its lineup also offer this valuable capability.

By expanding access to vehicle-to-home functionality across their future range of EVs, GM aims not only to meet consumer demand but also to deliver practical solutions for home backup power needs alongside sustainable transportation options.

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