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Ford Electric Explorer European Delay: What We Know So Far

The Ford Electric Explorer has been long awaited by electric vehicle enthusiasts, but recently the release date for the car has been pushed back. This delay has caused a lot of frustration for those who have been looking forward to the release of the EV Version of the Ford Explorer in Europe. Current EV News will explore the reasons behind the Ford Electric Explorer delay and what this means for the future of the car.

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Ford Said to Delay European Launch of Electric Explorer SUV

Ford has announced a delay to the European launch of the all-electric Explorer SUV, which had originally been scheduled for early 2024. It was recently announced that the initial production of Ford’s Explorer EV, based on the Volkswagen MEB platform, has been postponed. The production of the electric vehicle was planned to start this month at the Electric Vehicle Center in Cologne, but now it has been delayed. The delay will add an estimated additional 6 months.

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The delay has been met with disappointment by European customers who were eagerly awaiting the launch of the electric version of the Explorer. The electric version is part of a larger series of electric vehicles that Ford is investing heavily in. Ford has indicated that the delay in the European launch of the Explorer will not affect the US launch, however, and that they remain committed to launching the Explorer in Europe in the future.

The Explorer is the latest in a growing lineup of electric cars that Ford has been releasing, signaling a shift to electric vehicles for the company. Ford’s commitment to electric vehicles is a positive step forward for the industry and a sign that the future of electric vehicles is bright.

Reasons for the Ford Explorer EV Delay

It looks like Ford’s Electric Explorer won’t be hitting the roads anytime soon. Reports suggest that the delay is a result of new global safety regulations for drivetrains. This is definitely a setback, but hopefully these regulations will ensure that the Electric Explorer will be a safe and reliable vehicle when it eventually does launch.

Are Other Ford Electric Models Delayed?

Ford recently announced a delay in their all-electric Ford Explorer model, leading many to speculate that other Ford electric models could be delayed as well. While Ford has yet to release any information on potential delays of other electric models, they remain committed to the safety and affordibility of their new electric vehicle offerings even if it means we will have to wait a little longer.

The delay in the Ford Explorer is indicative of the challenges automakers face when introducing new electric vehicles. It is important to note that Ford is not the only car manufacturer that has encountered delays with electric models. Despite the setback, Ford is still dedicated to producing electric vehicles of the highest quality and bringing them to market.

2024 Ford Electric Explorer SUV Price and Anticipated Availability in European Markets

The New Electric Ford Explorer will be available starting at 45,000 euros next summer in Europe which ends up being a little over $49,000 USD. This isn’t too far off so our friends across the pond will be able to get their hands on the next iteration of this iconic vehicle in it’s electrified format.

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