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Willoughby City Hall Adds EV Charging Stations

Willoughby City Hall, located at 1 E. Spaulding St. in downtown Willoughby has recently taken a significant step towards supporting sustainable transportation by adding two Leviton Level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles in its parking lot. These charging stations are a welcome addition to the city’s infrastructure, offering a convenient and eco-friendly option for residents and visitors who drive electric vehicles.

Overview of the Charging Stations

The Leviton Level 2 charging stations at Willoughby City Hall are capable of accommodating up to four electric vehicles at a time. The charging rate is set at $1.40 per kilowatt hour, providing an affordable option for EV owners to power up their vehicles while on the go. It’s important to note that parking at the stations is only permitted while charging, and overnight parking is not allowed to ensure fair access to the charging facilities.

Funding and Installation

The funding for these EV charging stations and their installation at Willoughby City Hall came from a grant awarded by the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC). Mayor Robert Fiala expressed his gratitude for the grant and highlighted the importance of promoting sustainable transportation options in the city. He also encouraged users of the charging stations to explore Willoughby’s historic downtown and Todd Field while their vehicles are charging.

Expansion Plans and Regional Initiatives

Willoughby’s initiative to install EV charging stations aligns with broader regional efforts to support electric vehicle infrastructure. The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) has been actively involved in promoting EV adoption in the region. Earlier this year, NOACA received a significant grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to further expand its regional Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program.

Phase 1 of NOACA’s program focused on implementing 40 charging stations around the region, with Phase 2 set to include approximately 63 more sites in Northeast Ohio. This expansion will benefit not only Willoughby but also other cities in the region, including Cleveland and surrounding counties such as Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina.

Grace Gallucci, the Executive Director and CEO of NOACA, emphasized the importance of building a robust EV network to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles. She highlighted the role of clean energy technologies in driving economic growth and environmental sustainability in Northeast Ohio.

Community Impact and Environmental Stewardship

The installation of EV charging stations at Willoughby City Hall represents a significant step towards supporting the growing number of electric vehicle owners in the area. Rich Palmisano, the Willoughby Service Director, emphasized the convenience that these charging stations offer to residents and visitors, enhancing the city’s appeal as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious community.

Tom Thielman, the Economic Development Director of Willoughby, underscored the positive impact of the EV charging stations on the city’s goals of environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction. By investing in sustainable infrastructure, Willoughby is not only catering to the needs of electric vehicle owners but also contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Technical Details and User Experience

The two Leviton Level 2 CT40000 dual-port electric vehicle charging stations installed at Willoughby City Hall offer a user-friendly experience for EV owners. Equipped with connector plug J1772, these charging stations can serve up to four electric vehicles simultaneously. To access the charging facilities, users are required to have a ChargePoint App and account, enabling them to monitor the charging status and manage payments conveniently through their smartphones.

The charging rate at the Willoughby City Hall stations is set at $1.40 per kilowatt hour, with a minimum charge of $1 for any usage. As a first-come, first-served service, users are encouraged to utilize the charging stations responsibly, ensuring fair access for all-electric vehicle owners. It’s important to note that parking at the stations is only allowed while charging, and overnight parking is strictly prohibited to maintain the efficiency of the charging infrastructure.

Future Outlook and Sustainable Mobility

With the addition of EV charging stations at Willoughby City Hall, the city is embracing sustainable mobility solutions and paving the way for a cleaner and greener transportation future. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, the availability of charging infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting their widespread adoption and integration into everyday life.

By investing in EV charging stations and partnering with organizations like NOACA, Willoughby is demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, economic development, and community well-being. The expansion of EV infrastructure in the region not only benefits current electric vehicle owners but also encourages more people to consider switching to cleaner transportation options, reducing emissions and promoting a healthier environment for all.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, cities like Willoughby are taking proactive steps to build a more sustainable and resilient transportation network. By providing EV charging stations at key locations such as City Hall, Willoughby is empowering residents and visitors to make environmentally conscious choices and contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.

In conclusion, the addition of EV charging stations at Willoughby City Hall is a positive development that underscores the city’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. By embracing electric vehicle technology and investing in charging infrastructure, Willoughby is setting an example for other cities to follow in promoting clean transportation solutions and building a more sustainable future for all.

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