Which Electric Buses Have The Longest Range?

Are you curious about the capabilities of electric buses when it comes to long-range travel? As our world increasingly focuses on sustainable transportation solutions, electric buses have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. 

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These silent giants hold the key to reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and revolutionizing public transit systems. But one question lingers in our minds: which electric buses can travel the farthest on a single charge?

Let’s explore the electric bus models with the longest ranges available today. Get ready to dive into cutting-edge technology and discover which electric buses lead towards more sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions!

Proterra Catalyst E2 Max

Proterra, a company founded by former Tesla employees, has made impressive strides in the electric vehicle industry. Over the years, they have significantly increased the range of their electric buses. In 2015, their buses could travel approximately 258 miles (415km) on a single charge. By 2016, that range had more than doubled to an impressive 603 miles (970km).

Recently, Proterra set a new world record when their Catalyst E2 Max traveled an astonishing 1101 miles (1772km) at the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana. This achievement surpasses the previous record set by a small car called ‘Schluckspecht’ in Germany.

While it’s unlikely for a passenger bus to cover such vast distances in one shift, this feat demonstrates the potential of heavy-duty electric vehicles to operate throughout the day before needing recharging. Proterra is not only focused on developing high-range vehicles but also working on high-speed charging systems that could recharge buses faster than refueling with diesel.

With advancements, Proterra is undoubtedly pushing boundaries and revolutionizing sustainable transportation options for cities worldwide.

The Proterra ZX5 Electric Transit Bus

Introducing the Proterra ZX5, the epitome of efficiency in zero-emission transit. Building upon a decade of success with their popular Catalyst electric bus, Proterra has refined and revolutionized their technology to bring us the next evolution in electric buses.

The ZX5 is the result of Proterra’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fleet electrification. With over 40 million service miles, this fifth-generation vehicle showcases a purpose-built platform that has already broken records for the longest EV range. 

Built-in the USA, it offers unprecedented performance with faster acceleration, exceptional gradability, and the highest battery storage capacity of all 40-foot electric buses today, enabling a range exceeding 300 miles.

With the Proterra ZX5, transitioning to an electric fleet no longer means compromising vehicle performance. Experience superior efficiency without sacrificing power or reliability as you embrace sustainable transportation solutions for your organization.

It brings exciting new features and improvements to the world of electric buses. Here’s what you can expect from this cutting-edge vehicle:

  1. Refined Body: It boasts a streamlined roof design for additional battery packs, providing even more power and range. With its reduced height, it can navigate through various routes with ease. Plus, upgraded lights and windshields enhance visibility for both drivers and passengers.
  2. Built for Scale: Proterra has prioritized manufacturability to enable scaled production of the ZX5. This means greater efficiency in manufacturing processes, allowing for increased output and availability of these innovative buses. Additionally, there is now greater commonality across the 35-foot and 40-foot platforms, simplifying operations for fleet operators.
  3. Flexible Charging Setup: The ZX5 introduces an extra front charge port, offering flexibility in charging configurations. This feature enables convenient charging options based on specific operational needs or infrastructure availability.

With these enhancements, it sets a new standard in electric bus technology by combining improved design elements with scalability and adaptability to meet diverse transportation requirements efficiently.

Jewel E 

The Jewel E electric bus is making waves with its claim of unparalleled range and impressive features. This double-decker beauty boasts the largest battery and longest range among all-electric double-decker buses globally, setting it apart from the competition. Testing for this groundbreaking vehicle is set to begin later this year.

The electrification of bus transport has seen exciting developments recently, ranging from BYD’s massive 40-ft behemoth in China to long-range versions capable of covering an astonishing 600 miles on a single charge. California is also leading the way with zero-emission school buses taking shape. Notably, BYD developed the world’s first electric double-decker bus in London in 2016, featuring a 345-kWh battery pack providing a range of 190 miles.

The upcoming Jewel E represents an enormous leap forward thanks to Equipmake’s contribution – producer of the most power-dense electric motor worldwide. This British company has created a purpose-built powertrain for this cutting-edge electric bus, equipping it with an immense 543-kWh battery – the largest ever fitted to a single-axle double-decker bus – enabling an impressive maximum range of up to 250 miles.

Known as their Zero Emission Drivetrain, this remarkable technology delivers exceptional torque at 3,500 Nm (2,581 lb-ft) and a powerful output of 400 kW.

Exciting times lie ahead as testing for the Jewel E commences in late 2021, followed by real-world trials starting early next year. Sales and manufacturing are expected to start in 2022, signalling another significant milestone towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Volvo 7900 Electric

Experience the benefits of clean, silent, and efficient public transport with the Volvo 7900 Electric bus range. Introducing the all-new Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated, providing enhanced capacity for your transportation needs. The flexible charging concept ensures seamless operation according to your current schedule.

It is dedicated to assisting cities in transforming into emission-free urban centers. With quiet and eco-friendly electric buses, you can offer appealing public transport that meets stringent emissions and noise regulations while aiding in reducing traffic congestion. Additionally, automated technologies like geofencing for safety zones and pedestrian detection enhance overall traffic safety within the city.

Driving a Volvo 7900 Electric provides an exceptional experience. The high-performance electric driveline combined with optimized transmission delivers impressive torque and driveability even on demanding uphill terrains – ensuring safe operations at all times. Optimized battery positioning along with Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) contributes to excellent handling characteristics and a smooth driving experience.

With the Volvo Electric bus range, you not only embrace sustainability but also prioritize passenger satisfaction while improving working conditions for drivers – all contributing to creating more livable cities.

BYD ebus 

The BYD ebus is an exceptional electric city bus that boasts zero tailpipe emissions and operates with minimal noise levels. Powered by BYD’s lithium-ion iron-phosphate batteries, this bus offers remarkable features, including high energy density, a long service life, and cost-effectiveness.

Despite its lightweight design, the BYD ebus can achieve a range of 250 km on a single charge with 324 kWh of battery capacity. With a charging power of 60 kW, the ebus can be fully charged in approximately five hours. This enables operators to take advantage of off-peak hours for recharging purposes.

An additional benefit highlighted by BYD is the safe and recyclable nature of the battery’s chemical materials. This emphasizes their commitment to sustainability throughout the lifecycle of their products.

With its eco-friendly operations and practical charging capabilities, the BYD ebus stands out as an excellent solution for clean and efficient public transportation in cities worldwide.

Final Thoughts

The electrification of bus transport has brought forth remarkable advancements in clean and efficient public transportation. Electric buses like the BYD ebus, Volvo 7900 Electric, and Jewel E push the boundaries with their impressive ranges, zero emissions, and reduced noise levels. 

These innovative vehicles not only contribute to a greener environment but also enhance passenger comfort and safety. With continued developments in battery technology and charging infrastructure, electric buses are poised to play a crucial role in transforming cities into sustainable urban centers for a brighter future.

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