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Washington Grants Charge The Construction of 5000 New EV Charging Stations

Washington state has taken a significant step toward promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by awarding $85 million in grants to fund the construction of nearly 5,000 new EV charging stations. This move aims to address the growing demand for charging infrastructure and make EVs a more accessible and convenient option for Washingtonians. The grants, announced by Governor Jay Inslee and Washington State Department of Commerce Director Mike Fong, will prioritize projects that add chargers to multifamily housing, public locations, and workplaces with fleets.

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Prioritizing Accessible and Convenient Charging Infrastructure

The $85 million grant will specifically fund the installation of 4,710 Level 2 EV chargers with 5,362 individual charging plugs and 271 direct current fast chargers with 420 plugs. These chargers will be strategically placed in communities most at risk of negative health effects caused by pollution, including apartments, workplaces, and public locations. This initiative aims to address environmental concerns while promoting the use of clean electric cars.

Governor Inslee highlighted the importance of providing more Washington ev charging stations to make EVs a viable option for more people. With Washington now having the second-highest rate of EV adoption in the nation, the increased availability of charging infrastructure will further encourage residents to choose electric vehicles. Inslee credited the Climate Commitment Act and other climate investments by the Legislature for making these grants possible.

Director Fong emphasized that the grants prioritize projects that add chargers to multifamily housing, public locations such as libraries and recreation centers, and workplaces with fleets. This approach ensures that EV charging infrastructure is accessible and convenient for a wide range of users, including those living in apartments and communities most impacted by pollution.

The First Phase of Washington’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program

The $85 million in grants awarded by the Chamber of Commerce represents the first phase of the state’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program. This program is supported by additional funding from the Climate Commitment Act, which was signed into law by Governor Inslee in 2021. The grants will be allocated to nonprofits, electric utilities, tribes, and public agencies, with half of the funding dedicated to installing chargers in communities at higher risk of negative health effects caused by fossil fuel pollution.

A map of the funded projects across the state is available through the Department of Commerce, providing transparency and allowing residents to locate the new charging stations. The projects span a variety of public locations, including recreation centers, libraries, and grocery stores, catering to the diverse needs of EV users.

Some of the notable public locations that will receive chargers include:

– Catholic Charities of Yakima

– Women of Wisdom (WOW) Tri-Cities

– The Department of Social and Health Services

– The Yakama Nation

– The Port of Sunnyside

– The Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families

– City of Walla Walla

The funding allocation was based on a competitive scoring system that prioritized installations in areas with high levels of pollution and limited existing charging infrastructure. This approach ensures that the grants are effectively deployed to address the specific needs of communities and promote equitable access to EV charging.

Boosting Washington’s Electric Vehicle Adoption

The announcement of over 5,000 new charging stations across the state underscores Washington’s commitment to building a clean transportation system. Governor Inslee expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the state is making significant progress in its efforts to provide clean, reliable, and reasonably priced transportation options while combating climate change.

The breakdown of the new EV stations is as follows:

– 4,710 Level 2 chargers with 5,362 plugs

– 271 direct current fast chargers with 420 plugs

These will be distributed across 560 sites throughout the state, with 213 multifamily sites, 211 workplaces, government agencies, and school districts, and 141 public locations, including libraries, grocery stores, and community centers. With new charging stations in Walla Walla and other communities, the Department of Commerce projects a charging capacity of 10-20 miles per hour for the standard chargers, allowing vehicles with a 300-mile range battery to reach a full charge within a 6-8 hour window. The fast chargers, on the other hand, can charge a 300-mile battery up to 80% in just 20 minutes.

The funding for these projects will be directed to electric utilities, nonprofits, public agencies, and tribes, ensuring a collaborative effort to expand the EV charging infrastructure. Governor Inslee highlighted that the new charging stations will be available to everyone, offering universal access to charging facilities for all Washington residents.

The construction of 5,000 new EV charging stations represents a significant milestone in Washington’s efforts to boost electric vehicle adoption. By prioritizing access to charging infrastructure in communities most affected by pollution and expanding charging options in public locations, workplaces, and multifamily housing, the state aims to make EVs a more viable and sustainable transportation choice for all residents. With these new charging stations, Washington is taking a big step forward in its journey toward a cleaner and greener future.

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