vinfast october 2023 stock analysis

VinFast October 2023 Stock Numbers At a Glance

VinFast Stock Update

VinFast, a leading Vietnamese electric car manufacturer, has been making headlines in the stock market recently. Here’s a quick overview of the latest developments related to VinFast’s stock prices:

  1. Yahoo Finance reports that less than two months after the shares of VinFast Auto (NASDAQ: VFS) soared following its public offering, the stock experienced a sharp drop. This decline came after the company issued a warning. Source
  2. MarketWatch indicates that the stock’s current day range is between 7.48 and 8.13, with a 52-week range reaching up to 93.00. Source
  3. CNBC mentions some unusual activity in VinFast’s option classes as of October 5th. Source
  4. Electrek highlighted that VinFast’s EV deliveries surged by 400% in Q2 of 2023. However, about 99.7% of VinFast’s stock is tightly held, which could be a reason for its volatility. Source
  5. The Motley Fool reported that VinFast’s stock price, which debuted close to $40, has since dropped by 50%, currently trading at around $17. Source
  6. Nikkei Asia discussed the stock’s volatility, noting that the EV maker’s stock price had both soared and plummeted, raising valuation questions. Source

It’s evident that VinFast’s stock has been on a roller-coaster ride, with significant fluctuations in its price. Investors and market analysts are closely watching these developments to gauge the company’s future trajectory.

VinFast EV October 2023 News Headlines & Market Summary:

  1. VinFast Launches VF 3 Mini Electric Car for Vietnam Market
    • Summary: VinFast has introduced the VF 3, a mini electric car model tailored for the Vietnam market. The vehicle boasts a compact and contemporary design.
    • Analysis: This launch indicates VinFast’s commitment to catering to the local Vietnamese market’s needs. Introducing a compact electric car could appeal to urban consumers looking for sustainable and space-efficient transportation options.
  2. VinFast’s Nasdaq Debut and Acquisition Plans
    • Summary: VinFast, which debuted on Nasdaq in August, has plans to establish kit assembly plants in nickel-rich Indonesia. The company also intends to acquire its battery-making sibling, VinES, to leverage the material for battery production.
    • Analysis: VinFast’s Nasdaq debut signifies its global ambitions and its intent to be recognized as a major player in the EV market. The planned acquisition of VinES and the focus on Indonesia’s nickel resources indicate a strategic move to secure essential materials for battery production, ensuring long-term sustainability and cost-efficiency.
  3. VinFast’s Sales and Expansion in India and Indonesia
    • Summary: VinFast has earmarked USD 200 million for assembly units in India and Indonesia. The company has also been actively hiring in India, indicating its expansion plans in the region.
    • Analysis: VinFast’s investment in India and Indonesia, two of the most populous countries in Asia, suggests a strategic move to tap into these vast markets. Establishing assembly units will allow VinFast to cater to local demands more effectively and potentially gain a significant market share.
  4. VinFast’s Stock Performance Post Nasdaq Debut
    • Summary: After a stellar debut on the U.S. market, VinFast’s stock experienced fluctuations, with shares soaring initially but later retreating. The company’s valuation at one point surpassed that of established automakers like Ford and General Motors.
    • Analysis: The stock’s volatility post-debut indicates the market’s mixed reactions to VinFast’s potential. While the company has shown promise, it will be crucial for VinFast to deliver consistent results and meet its ambitious goals to sustain investor confidence.
  5. VinFast’s Expansion in the U.S. Market
    • Summary: VinFast has plans to construct a USD 4 billion electric vehicle factory in North Carolina, aiming to start production by 2025. This factory will be VinFast’s primary supplier for the North American market.
    • Analysis: Establishing a significant presence in the U.S., one of the largest automotive markets, is a bold move by VinFast. This investment indicates the company’s confidence in its products and its intent to compete with established EV brands in the region.

VinFast Last 3 Quarter Financials Summary

Financial MetricsQ2 2023Q1 2023Q2 2022QoQ ChangeYoY Change
Vehicle Sales (VND million)7,487,8741,536,6193,031,170+387.3%+147.0%
Total Revenues (VND million)7,952,5311,971,6263,439,302+303.3%+131.2%
Gross Loss (VND million)(2,714,622)(3,808,770)(2,524,537)-28.7%+7.5%
Gross Margin-34.1%-193.2%-73.4%+15,904bp+3,927bp
Loss from Operations (VND million)(9,230,423)(11,142,273)(11,540,423)-17.2%-20.0%
Net Loss (VND million)(12,535,202)(14,120,825)(13,651,818)-11.2%-8.2%
Cash and Cash Equivalents (VND million)1,600,653

Key Highlights:

  • Vehicle Sales: VinFast’s vehicle sales in Q2 2023 saw a significant increase of 387.3% compared to Q1 2023 and a 147.0% increase YoY.
  • Total Revenues: The company’s total revenues for Q2 2023 were VND7,952,531 million, marking a 303.3% increase from Q1 2023 and a 131.2% increase YoY.
  • Gross Loss: The gross loss decreased by 28.7% QoQ, indicating improved operational efficiency.
  • Net Loss: The net loss for Q2 2023 was VND12,535,202 million, a decrease of 11.2% from Q1 2023 and an 8.2% decrease YoY.

It’s important to note that this data is based on the unaudited financial results for the second quarter of 2023. For a more comprehensive understanding, it would be beneficial to review the full financial statements and accompanying notes provided by VinFast.

Note: Always consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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