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Toyotas New 100% Electric Pickup Overview

Toyota, one of the world’s leading automakers, has been making waves in the industry with its latest concept vehicles. At the forefront of their innovation is the highly anticipated electric version of the Toyota Hilux pickup. While Toyota has been known for its hybrid strategy, it seems the company is finally shifting gears towards all-electric vehicles.

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The Journey Towards an Electric Hilux Pickup

The Toyota Hilux is a globally popular pickup truck, with sales spanning over 180 countries and regions. However, a fully electric version of this iconic vehicle may still be a little further out than expected. Toyota Europe’s light commercial vehicle sales head, Emmanuel Beaune, recently revealed that a 100% electric Hilux pickup is still under investigation.

Despite this setback, Toyota has been actively exploring different vehicle powertrain options. Earlier this month, they unveiled the new Hilux Hybrid 48V, the pickup’s first “electrified” version. However, this hybrid system is connected to a 2.8 L diesel engine, resulting in only minor improvements in fuel efficiency.

Additionally, Toyota showcased a hydrogen fuel cell electric Hilux prototype in September. But with the rise of electric pickups like Tesla’s Cybertruck, many are eagerly waiting for Toyota to release a real electric pickup.

Toyota’s Multi-Pathway Approach

Emmanuel Beaune emphasized that Toyota’s approach to powertrains is multi-faceted. While many governments are pushing for all-electric vehicles, Toyota is committed to a hybrid strategy that includes gas-powered hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and electric vehicles (EVs).

When it comes to an electric Hilux, Beaune stated that it is still too early to comment. However, he acknowledged the potential demand for a battery electric vehicle (BEV) pickup, especially among certain workers. Beaune revealed that Toyota is working closely with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan to develop the right solution.

Toyota’s Latest EV Prototypes

Toyota recently shared its latest electric vehicle prototypes ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Among them are an e-bike, a motorized scooter, a rugged 4-wheeler designed for moon exploration, and even a sporty, U-shaped steering wheel. However, the most exciting additions are the electric pickup truck and the electric version of the Land Cruiser.

Although Toyota has not made any official announcements about new EVs since reorganizing its business around electric vehicles in February, it did sign a manufacturing deal for mass production of solid-state batteries with an impressive range of over 900 miles. These batteries could power these concept cars, but Toyota has only provided limited details regarding their specifications. More information is expected to be revealed at the Japan Mobility Show.

Toyota’s EV Transition: A Paradigm Shift

Toyota has faced criticism for its slow transition to electric vehicles. However, the tides are turning, and the company is set to make a big splash in the EV market. With an array of new electric vehicle concepts and ambitious battery tech initiatives, Toyota is poised to make a significant impact. One of the most highly anticipated developments is the release of an electric version of the Tacoma, a popular pickup truck model.

Toyota has confirmed that it will indeed build an electric pickup truck. The brand initially announced plans to offer a pickup truck with a battery electric vehicle (BEV) powertrain when it unveiled the bZ4X SUV concept in 2021. Later that year, they showcased the Pickup EV concept, which strongly resembles an electric version of the Tacoma.

The Potential of an Electric Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma EV seems to be the most likely route for Toyota’s first electric pickup truck. The Pickup EV concept shares striking similarities with the all-new 2024 Tacoma, leading many to believe it is an electrified version of the popular model. Toyota’s focus on preparing the electric powertrain for the Tacoma in North America further supports this theory.

A recent survey conducted by Autolist revealed that an electric Toyota Tacoma is the most popular choice among car shoppers for an EV pickup truck despite it being a hypothetical vehicle. This demand indicates that if Toyota chooses the Tacoma EV route, they will have many interested buyers.

A Dedicated EV Platform for Toyota’s First Electric Pickup?

Alternatively, Toyota unveiled the EPU concept at the Japan Mobility Show, which is a “next-generation mid-size pickup truck” concept. This vehicle runs on a unibody, dedicated electric vehicle platform. While it has a longer wheelbase than the 2023 Tacoma, it is shorter in length and height. The EPU concept seems to be more of a competitor to the Ford Maverick, but it could potentially become Toyota’s first electric pickup truck if they decide not to build an electric Tacoma on the current platform.

Off-Road Capabilities of Toyota’s Electric Truck

Electric pickups have proven to be well-suited for off-roading adventures. The low center of gravity provided by the battery weight and instant torque makes them ideal for tackling obstacles. Toyota seems well aware of this, as the Pickup EV concept features knobby off-road tires and a design reminiscent of their TRD Pro lineup.

While the exact timing of the production model’s debut is still unknown, there are reasons to be optimistic about the arrival of a Toyota electric truck. The company has announced plans to launch at least 15 EVs by 2025, and they have been making progress on other vehicles that were initially showcased as part of their EV concept lineup. Given the popularity of pickup trucks, it is likely that an electric truck would be a high priority for Toyota.

One potential factor that could influence the launch timeline is Toyota’s battery technology. The brand has faced challenges in terms of range compared to its competitors, and it may need to develop next-generation batteries capable of powering a pickup truck for towing and hauling purposes.

Final Thoughts

While the release of a fully electric Toyota Hilux pickup may still be further down the road, Toyota’s commitment to exploring different powertrain options and its focus on electric vehicles are promising signs. The company’s latest EV prototypes, including the electric pickup truck and electric Land Cruiser, showcase their dedication to embracing the future of mobility.

As Toyota continues its transition towards electric vehicles, the anticipation for an electric Tacoma grows. Whether it’s an electrified version of the Tacoma or a dedicated electric pickup on a new platform, Toyota’s entry into the electric truck market will surely make a significant impact. With its reputation for reliability and innovation, Toyota’s electric pickup has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry.

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