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Top 5 Upcoming EV Boats

As the importance of electric boating continues to gain recognition worldwide, the options for electric-powered boats are experiencing exponential growth. Boat companies and manufacturers are joining the movement by developing fully electric boats, hybrid gas/electric models, and electric outboard motors. By choosing and investing in these electric-based boats and engines, boaters can actively contribute to reducing pollution both on land and in the water.

The shift towards electric boating not only preserves water and sea life by eliminating the risk of oil spills from gas-powered boats but also provides boaters with an environmentally friendly alternative. These eco-conscious choices play a vital role in sustaining the Earth and promoting a greener approach to boating.

While electric boating is still in its early stages compared to the long-standing history of gas-powered engines, it is rapidly evolving. The industry is actively addressing the challenges of matching key performance metrics such as range, energy output, and reliability with their gas-powered counterparts. Although naysayers may argue that electric boating has yet to reach these benchmarks, the data supporting their claims fully will soon become outdated.

Let’s explore the best upcoming EV boats that are leading the way in embracing the future of sustainable boating. These boats are leading the charge in sustainable boating, using the latest technology to change the industry. They show that electric boats are possible and a great choice for people who care about the environment.

  1. Formula 457 CCF & 457 CCS

Formula, a distinguished player in the boating industry, is set to make a profound impact with its forthcoming electric models, the 457 CCF and 457 CCS. These models build upon the success of their re-entry into the center console market with the 387 series in 2022. We had the privilege of engaging with Formula President Scott Porter and Marketing Manager Scott Smith at a recent show, and their passion for these new models was palpable.

Formula’s commitment to designing a winner is evident in the advancements incorporated into the 457 series. Following the success of the 387 CCS and CCF, the new 457 series promises to up the ante even further. The design process, as elucidated by Scott Porter, showcases Formula’s dedication to catering to serious boaters. The 457 series, compared to its predecessor, the 387, exhibits notable improvements in design, performance, and overall excitement.

The design elements, the technological enhancements, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the 457 series indicate that this brand is not just keeping pace with the electric boating trend but is actively contributing to its evolution. This series is a testament to Formula’s belief that electric boating is not just a trend but a transformative force in the industry.

  1. Wellcraft 435

Wellcraft, a brand steeped in history, has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years. Since its acquisition by Groupe Beneteau in 2014, Wellcraft has shifted gears dramatically, moving away from the iconic days of the Wellcraft 38 Scarab featured in Miami Vice. The company’s new flagship model, the Wellcraft 435 ‘Fast Cruiser,’ clearly embodies this change.

The new era of Euro-style cruisers commenced with the Wellcraft 355 in 2022, and its success has paved the way for the introduction of the 435. This flagship model stands out in a sea of cruisers, capturing attention with its sleek design and a focus on speed. The ‘Fast Cruiser’ moniker is not just a name; it encapsulates what Wellcraft strives to achieve – a fusion of luxury cruising and high-performance boating.

This boat showcased at a recent boat show, emerged as a showstopper, leaving an indelible mark on enthusiasts and industry experts alike. The anticipation for more of these vessels on the water in 2024 indicates the brand’s resurgence and ability to adapt to the changing preferences of boaters. It is not merely a boat; it represents a bold step into the future of electric cruising.

  1. Sea Ray SLX 280

Sea Ray, a stalwart in the boating industry, reported a significant 26% increase in sales at a recent boating event compared to 2022. This surge in sales is a testament to Sea Ray’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition and adapting to the evolving landscape of boating preferences. The SLX 280, part of Sea Ray’s new design language, is a pivotal player in this strategy.

Sea Ray designer Matthew Marelly shed light on the company’s commitment to designing boats for the future. The SLX 280, introduced as part of the 2024 lineup, has garnered major attention, not just for its larger counterparts but also in its own right. Sea Ray’s shift in design language is a deliberate move to set themselves apart from the competition and position their boats as vessels for the future.

Sea Ray’s success in sales, particularly with the SLX 280, underscores the resonance of their new style and flair with boaters. The company’s expansion into surf boats with the SLX 260 Surf and the compact yet powerful SPX 210 launch further solidified Sea Ray’s commitment to innovation. The SLX 280, with its distinctive design and forward-looking features, is poised to be a hot seller, reaffirming Sea Ray’s position as an industry leader embracing the electric boating revolution. 

  1. Candela C8 

Candela, a standout at a recent boating event, not only received the ‘customer service award’ but also emerged as a trailblazer in the hydrofoil-powered electric boat space with the Candela C8. Our experience touring their booth and engaging with their representatives showcased the company’s dedication to embracing and innovating within the hydrofoil renaissance.

Hydrofoils, once a design concept with untapped potential, are resurgent due to technological advancements. Candela, a Swedish manufacturer, has positioned itself at the forefront of this resurgence with the sleek and elegant C8. In true Swedish fashion, the C8 embodies minimalism, setting it apart from its peers.

Sitting inside a Candela is not just an ordinary boating experience but a departure from the conventional. The hydrofoil technology and clever design features throughout the hull, interior, and help make the C8 a unique vessel in its class. Candela’s foray into the center console market and exploration of commercial designs further highlights their commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric boating.

The Candela C8, flying above the water in near silence, offers a level of uniqueness and innovation that is unparalleled. As hydrofoils regain popularity, Candela has secured its position as a frontrunner, showcasing that electric boating can be environmentally friendly and redefine the experience of being on the water.

  1. Voltari 260 Electric

Voltari Marine Electric, a Canadian player in the electric boat market, is strategically positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with. The Voltari 260, their flagship electric boat, is a marvel of engineering and design. Crafted with an ultra-sleek carbon fiber exterior, this 26-foot vessel packs a staggering 740 horsepower.

The propulsion system of the Voltari 260 is powered by a 142 kW lithium battery bank, generating an astounding 1000 lb-ft of torque. This puts the Voltari 260 in a league of its own, not just among electric boats but in the broader spectrum of high-performance vessels. 

The boat’s capabilities were further underscored when Voltari set the record for the longest distance on a single charge, crossing the Gulf Stream from Key Largo to Bimini in less than 20 hours.

The journey, covering 91 miles, not only set a record for the longest and first-ever overseas trip in an electric vehicle but also solidified Voltari as a leading contender in the emerging electric boat market. With an impressive showroom presence at a recent boating event, Voltari is strategically positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for high-performance electric boats in 2024 and beyond.

Voltari’s accomplishment in breaking distance records underscores the potential of electric boats to not only compete with traditional gas-powered vessels but also surpass them in certain aspects.

Final Thoughts

Electric boating is no longer a mere trend; it is a transformative force reshaping the boating industry’s fabric. These upcoming models represent a fusion of cutting-edge technology, design ingenuity, and a commitment to sustainability. As the industry addresses key performance metrics and technology advances, electric boats are transitioning from being alternatives to becoming the preferred choice for environmentally conscious boaters.

The future of boating is undeniably electric, and these top 5 upcoming electric boats are at the vanguard of this revolution. They are not just vessels; they are beacons guiding the industry toward a future where boating is an adventure and a sustainable and responsible way to navigate the seas of change.

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