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Tesla Hiking The Price on The Model Y In US

Tesla has announced a $1,000 price hike for all three variants of the Model Y in the United States, effective April 1. This increase is part of the company’s ongoing adjustments to its pricing strategy, which also includes a planned rise for the SUV in Europe within the next week. The current prices for the Model Y, prior to any federal or local tax incentives, are listed as $43,990 for the RWD version, $48,990 for the AWD Long Range, and $52,490 for the AWD Performance model. After applying a $7,500 federal tax credit, the starting price of the base Model Y RWD drops to $36,490. Additionally, buyers in many U.S. states and counties may qualify for further local tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs).

This pricing update coincides with the end of the first quarter, a period when Tesla frequently introduces special offers or price adjustments. In a move to encourage purchases, Tesla recently revealed that buyers of the Model S, X, and Y could receive 5,000 miles of free Supercharging for vehicles purchased outright or through financing if delivery occurs by March 31. This Supercharging bonus also applies to all trade-ins, with the exception of the Cybertruck, used, or commercial vehicles.

Furthermore, Tesla briefly offered a discount on the Model Y last month, which concluded at the start of March when the company implemented a $1,000 increase to the Model Y’s price, setting the current starting price before tax credits at $43,990.

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