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Recharging the Classic: Is Volkswagen Hinting at an Electric Volkswagen Rabbit?

Today, we’re focusing on the prospect of a classic resurrected to meet the modern times — the Volkswagen Electric Rabbit. As the symbol of VW’s electrification efforts, the Rabbit could be making a significant comeback in a more sustainable, zero-emissions form. Buckle up, as we take a look at a cryptic LinkedIn message and look at the Volkswagen Rabbits history as one of Volkswagens most popular offerings.

The Return Of An Icon?

Two days ago, Thomas Schäfer, the current CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars posted a cryptic video on his LinkedIn page. The video was of a rabbit, and along with it he wrote:

“At Volkswagen, we love the rabbit. The Countdown is on! Stay tuned.”

At Current EV News we are excited at the prospect of an Electric Volkswagen Rabbit returning. This iconic ride would be perfectly suited for a more eco conscious upgrade in an EV format. We are keeping our eyes open and will bring you any information as we receive it regarding an electric Volkswagen Rabbit.

Brief History of The Volkswagen Rabbit

The Volkswagen Rabbit first hit the market in 1974, known as the Volkswagen Golf in Europe and the Rabbit in North America. This model was the first Volkswagen to be built in the United States and it quickly gained a reputation for its fuel economy and reliability. In the 1980s, the Volkswagen Golf and Rabbit were replaced by the Volkswagen Jetta, before the Rabbit was discontinued in the United States in 1984.


Fast-forward to 2006, when Volkswagen reintroduced the Rabbit as the fifth-generation Volkswagen Golf. This version was sold in Europe, North America, and other markets. In 2020, Volkswagen unveiled the all-electric Volkswagen ID.3 as the successor to the Rabbit. This ID.3 is powered solely by electricity and was Volkswagen’s latest step in the direction of zero-emission vehicles.

The Volkswagen Rabbit has been a reliable and fuel-efficient car since it was first introduced in 1974. Now, with possible whisperings of a new Electric Volkswagen Rabbit, we look forward to the possible latest evolution in the history of this iconic ride.

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