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Mercedes Unveils EV With a longer range than Tesla

Mercedes-Benz Group AG has showcased an electric vehicle with a longer mileage than any existing model from Tesla Inc., upping the stakes in its drive to compete with Elon Musk’s venture. 

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This German luxury automaker previewed an almost-ready concept of their CLA sedan, boasting a mileage of more than 750 kilometers (466 miles) on one charge, outpacing Tesla’s updated Model 3. This automobile marks Mercedes’s debut rollout based on their impending EV infrastructure, equipped with a rapid-charging battery capable of boosting the range by 400 kilometers in a mere quarter of an hour’s charge.

In a parallel move, BMW unveiled an innovative electric vehicle at the show, featuring an extended driving range and quicker charging times, further highlighting German car manufacturers’ response to the intensifying EV market competition. 

Large-scale European auto producers, including Volkswagen and Renault, are already feeling the heat from Chinese competitors in the budget-friendly EV segment. Tesla is set on transforming its Berlin-adjacent factory into Europe’s largest automotive manufacturing plant. 

BMW’s experimental Vision Neue Klasse vehicle incorporates newly engineered battery cells capable of holding more than 20% additional energy compared to the ones the company used earlier. The company expects that charging speed and the overall vehicle driving range will see up to 30% enhancements when compared with earlier models from the marque.

Mercedes is attempting to counteract Tesla and boost its sales in China, where domestic brands such as BYD Co. and Nio Inc. are becoming more popular due to their proficiency in tailoring EVs with software that appeals to local preferences. The firm aims to sell EVs by the end of this decade and intends to establish eight battery factories with partners.

The design concept for the CLA model does not incorporate the arched roofline characteristic of the brand’s EQS and EQE sedans. Despite improving aerodynamics and extending range due to their low-lying roofs, it reduces the space available for rear-seat passengers, an undesirable aspect for the affluent Chinese market where being driven around is often the preference. 

CEO Ola Källenius intends to enhance margins by directing resources towards high-end vehicles such as the Maybach limousines, AMG sports cars, and the G-Wagon off-roader, moving away from less beneficial entry-level models like the compact A-Class.

The latest CLA concept illustrates the manufacturer’s plans to safeguard its place in the lower-priced luxury sector, where Mercedes aims to draw younger customers. They face competition from high-volume producers such as Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motor Corp.

On Sunday, Källenius hinted at another vehicle in the pipeline while talking about the Mercedes’ G class SUV line, stating, “The little G will become electric.” This forthcoming vehicle could potentially rival Tesla’s Model Y, a compact SUV.

Additionally, the analysts stated that Mercedes’ management conveyed their optimism that the new electric vehicles would achieve comparable profitability with their gas-fuelled counterparts.

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