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Infiniti QS Concept EV Overview

The Infiniti Qs Inspiration represents a bold move into the era of electrification, embodying the transformative power of a sports sedan concept.

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Designed specifically for the electric vehicle sector, the INFINITI Qs introduces a fresh approach to sport sedans featuring a novel powertrain variant. As always, it aims to elevate its brand and outperform its rivals, a goal embodied in the Qs model. The foresight of INFINITI entails rendering electric versions for its complete product range shortly.  

The Qs Inspiration Concept from Infiniti is a significant step towards the brand’s upcoming electrified production model.

Inspiration and Infiniti EV Plans

Inspired by Infiniti’s Japanese DNA, the Qs Inspiration Concept showcases the brand’s new design language for its forthcoming electrified vehicles. Influenced by art and modern architecture, the design embraces the Japanese spatial concept of ‘Ma,’ emphasizing the harmonious interplay of open spaces and bold lines.

As part of their plans, Infiniti aims to introduce a range of advanced powertrain vehicles that combine high performance with low emissions. By embracing electrification, Infiniti sees an opportunity to redefine its brand globally, offering customers thrilling driving experiences and a complete range of confidence.

Infiniti is a member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, a leading force in low- and zero-emissions vehicles. This alliance provides Infiniti access to a wide range of ultra-low emissions technologies. As a result, Infiniti’s future models will feature a mix of fully electric and e-POWER performance vehicles. 

These models will be built on dedicated platforms and vehicle architectures, ensuring optimal performance, range capabilities, and minimal environmental impact – all qualities that premium car buyers increasingly expect.

Infiniti QS EV Design

The Infiniti Qs Inspiration is the latest addition to Infiniti’s lineup of design studies, signaling the brand’s new look for the electrified era. These aesthetics are grounded in Infiniti’s commitment to challenge conventions and create engaging, enriching, enabling, and enchanting cars, which the company refers to as its ‘4EN’ approach to design.

The QX Inspiration concept, unveiled at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, exemplifies the ‘enabling’ aspect by offering a practical SUV body, a spacious and meticulously crafted interior, and a range of technologies that enhance the driving experience, making it more enjoyable and relaxing.

It extends the ‘4EN’ approach with its unique mechanical proportions and unconventional forms that challenge traditional norms. It invites drivers to reimagine the appearance of a sports sedan in the electrified era. Inside, the focused cockpit area visually communicates the car’s performance potential, while the passenger area creates a spacious and serene lounge-like atmosphere.

Interior Review of the Infiniti QS EV

The cabin of this vehicle is designed to prioritize driving enjoyment, immersing the driver in a physical and visual expression of power and performance. Unlike traditional sports sedans with enclosed cockpits, the Qs Inspiration offers a more spacious and open cabin, made possible by its electrified powertrain’s minimal intrusion.

The instrument panel’s structure is prominently visible to all passengers, while the widescreen display and center console touchscreen are slightly oriented toward the driver. The cabin’s ambiance is accentuated by an ambient lighting system that gradually emanates along the dashboard, creating a captivating effect.

Colors and materials play a crucial role in engaging the driver. The carpet transitions from a soft grey to a vibrant vermillion shade called “shu” beneath the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat, known as the “hot seat,” features white leather with bright shu piping, while the other seats are finished in a more subdued palette.

When the driver activates the “Driving Mode,” the graphical user interface and lighting flood the cabin in a striking shu red. The dashboard is adorned with forged carbon fiber, which gives it an artistic and organic appearance. Glass fins embedded in the carbon fiber surface illuminate in red during the car’s start-up sequence.

The driving position is designed to enhance engagement with a seat inspired by the embracing seats found in race cars. The small-diameter, rectangular steering wheel bears a three-dimensional structure that extends away from the driver, creating a sense of forward motion reminiscent of Infiniti’s iconic “infinite road” logo.

Through its thoughtful design choices, the Qs Inspiration’s cabin offers a unique and captivating environment that immerses the driver in a world of performance and excitement.

With the introduction of the Qs Inspiration Concept, along with the previously unveiled QX Inspiration Concept, Infiniti is making a clear statement about its commitment to producing a diverse lineup of electrified vehicles. These models will not only showcase Infiniti’s innovative technology but also demonstrate their dedication to a sustainable and exciting future of mobility.

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