stark varg review

How the Stark Varg is Changing the Powersports Industry

By Charlie Harrison

Electric off-road motorcycles or electric dirt bikes as they are more commonly called have been around for quite a few years now. The Stark Varg is different though, it is proving to be a genuine contender against gas powered machines. Not only for the average weekend warrior but in the professional ranks of racing as well. Let’s explore how this electric motorcycle performs against traditional gas powered motorcycles.

Stark Varg Different Variants & Horsepower

Available in two variants the standard 60 horsepower model and an 80 horsepower version if you think you’re up for the challenge. Seriously though 80 HP is insane for a dirt bike only……here’s the great part, it’s just a setting. With over 100 ride modes that are accessible with the provided Android Stark phone you can literally tune the electric bike to your liking and ability level. As you progress as a rider you can simply add additional electric power or change the power characteristics to suit.

Stark Varg Electric Motorcycle Range

How long will it go on a single electric charge? Get this, up to 6 hours tailriding or enough for an entire MXGP moto! Out of power, just plug in the included 220V charger and within 2 hours your battery is fully charged and ready for the next adventure. Speaking of adventure since the Stark Varg is virtually silent you can ride it at places or times that were not feasible on gas powered motorcycles. Oh by the way just enter your weight and the industry best Kayaba suspension will come with the perfect springs for your weight. Quality components don’t stop there, the Stark Varg comes fitted with Pirelli MX32 tires on forged and CNC machined wheels. Seeing a pattern yet? The Stark Varg is a remarkable dirt bike that also happens to be electric, that is truly a first. An electric dirt bike with the best of both worlds, and a few limitations that a gas bike doesn’t but… this thing is scary good and that should frighten the hell out of the current dirt bike powerhouse manufacturers. In their defense most if not all have electric dirt bikes in various phases of the prototyping process but the Starg Varg is for sale right now for $12,900 – $14,200 depending on how you spec it.

Final Thoughts

Sure, that’s a lot of money for a dirt bike in general let alone an electric dirt bike, but guess what a KTM Factory Edition 450 SX-F is $12,499, so is it really? No more top ends, valve adjustments, mixing gas or well you get the point already. I wonder how long before my neighbors start complaining about the dust coming from my backyard turn track? Configure your build at the Stark Website

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