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Do Electric RVs Exist? Find Out

Are electric Recreational Vehicles (RVs) a reality? Adventuring across the country in a motorhome sounds like a dream, but their abysmal fuel economy can be off-putting.

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As the desire for a nomadic lifestyle grows, many individuals dream of embarking on road trips in mobile homes. However, one concern often arises: the poor gas mileage and significant greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional RVs.

In today’s world, where remote work has become more prevalent following the COVID-19 lockdowns, living full-time on the road has gained popularity. This shift prompts eco-conscious travelers to question whether electric RVs are viable.

Exciting news awaits those seeking sustainable living on the road in 2023. A diverse range of options for clean and eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional RV is set to become available.

Adding to the electric vehicle revolution, renowned RV manufacturer Winnebago has recently announced its foray into electric RVs. According to CNBC, their upcoming e-RV was released at end of 2022. Equipped with an 86-kWh battery pack, this innovative motorhome offers a range of approximately 125 miles.

The features within the e-RV are designed with sustainability in mind. Inside, occupants can expect amenities such as a “marine-grade refrigerator,” a slide-out induction cooktop, as well as essential facilities like a sink, toilet, and detachable shower head. The interior design incorporates eco-conscious elements such as sustainable cork-rubber flooring and woolen insulated walls.

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of other electric ev’s, it’s clear that technological advancements are paving the way for more sustainable options within the world of recreational vehicles. Soon, adventurers will have access to cleaner and greener choices that align with their environmentally conscious lifestyles while enjoying life on the open road.

Electric RV Models in the Works

The electric vehicle industry is experiencing remarkable growth on a global scale. Experts forecast an annual growth rate of 17.02% until 2027, projecting the industry to reach a value of $858 billion. This upward trend bodes well for the environment, as the transportation sector is responsible for over one-quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Notably, Winnebago unveiled its eRV electric camper van at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow, touting it as the world’s first electric RV concept vehicle. 

Additionally, Thor showcased its Vision Vehicle Electric RV alongside Winnebago’s eRV prototype at the same event. Another significant player in this space is SylvanSport, a U.S.-based camping trailer company that introduced their third RV model named “Leading the Charge” in 2022.

Although these vehicles remain in the conceptual stage for now, their emergence highlights promising progress towards bringing electric-powered options to recreational travel enthusiasts. 

Exciting developments are underway in electric RVs, as SylvanSport has joined forces with Zeus Electric Chassis Inc. to create a fully electric motorhome that promises remarkable features. This ambitious project aims to deliver an unprecedented 400-mile range, setting a new standard for long-distance travel in an electric RV.

The forthcoming motorhome boasts all-wheel drive and military-grade axles, ensuring robust performance on various terrains. With its 290 horsepower output, this vehicle is poised to offer a thrilling driving experience while maintaining eco-friendly credentials.

To cater to charging needs, the electric RV supports both Level 2 and DC fast charging capabilities. The latter enables users to charge their vehicle up to 80% capacity within approximately 45 minutes—an impressive feat that ensures minimal downtime during road trips.

While still developing, this electrifying collaboration between SylvanSport and Zeus Electric Chassis Inc. holds great promise for those seeking an environmentally friendly yet high-performance motorhome experience.

While no genuine electric RVs are available for purchase presently (except for a few smaller models in Europe), manufacturers are perfecting their prototypes. The Winnebago eRV2, Thor Vision Vehicle or the Sylvan Sport Leading the Charge are expected to be amongst the first complete electric RVs to grace the market. 

Enthusiastic drivers eagerly await this milestone development, patiently anticipating the opportunity to own a fully electric motorhome. As manufacturers put on the finishing touches and fine-tune their designs, it’s only a matter of time before these innovative vehicles become a reality for eco-conscious adventurers seeking sustainable travel options.

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