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Did Toyota Find the Holy Grail of EV Advancement?

Toyota, the Japanese car maker, unveiled significant strides towards entirely electrifying its car collection. The firm asserted that they’ve streamlined the manufacturing process for the advanced solid-state batteries — considerably diminishing the magnitude, weight, and price of the latest models while enhancing their travel distance.

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Keiji Kaita, the head of Toyota’s carbon neutrality research and development center, stated, “For both our liquid and our solid-state batteries, we are aiming to drastically change the situation where current batteries are too big, heavy and expensive,” He expressed their ambition to slash these aspects by half, showcasing their immense potentiality.

Toyota (TM -0.97%) has recently disclosed what may be perceived as the “Holy Grail” of electric vehicles. The Japanese car manufacturer unveiled plans to introduce a novel battery-operated vehicle that boasts a driving range exceeding 900 miles and a charging duration of merely 10 minutes.

This ground-breaking innovation primarily relies on Toyota’s solid-state battery technology. These batteries resemble the lithium-ion batteries presently found in most electric vehicles. However, instead of utilizing liquid electrolytes that facilitate the flow of lithium ions, they employ a solid electrolyte.

Yet, in a number of respects, solid-state batteries supersede lithium-ion batteries. They have a longer lifespan, charge more quickly, and are more compact. Furthermore, they present a reduced risk of igniting.

The primary hurdle with solid-state batteries has always been their higher manufacturing cost than lithium-ion versions. However, Toyota asserts that it has made a significant discovery that will enable it to produce solid-state batteries with much-reduced expenses.

On July 5, Toyota reported that they had managed to sell approximately 51,000 electric vehicles in June 2023, accounting for 26% of their total sales for that period.

Earlier in April, Toyota unveiled a fresh lineup of EVs, which consists of a futuristic Lexus model powered by lithium-ion batteries, scheduled for production in 2026. As part of the collaboration with Panasonic, the car manufacturer plans to introduce solid-state battery-powered vehicles in 2027.

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